written by Xu Xuechun (徐雪春)
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2017.6 1、About the author
2017.6 2、Brief Introduction of the Book
about 2007 3、Preface of Truth
  Part 1
  The Commentary on China
about 2007 4、What Is Human?
about 2007 5、Human Nature
about 2007 6、Why Does a Man Do Things for the Good of Others?
about 2007 7、Filial Piety
about 2007 8、Kindness of Humanity
about 2007 9、Removal of the Evil in Human Nature in a Civilised Way
about 2007 10、Use Appropriate Method to Eliminate the Evil in Human Nature
about 2007 11、What Is Consciousness?
about 2007 12、Dimension of Consciousness
about 2007 13、Psychoanalysis Is a Tool to Study Humanity and Human Soul
about 2007 14、What Is Culture?
about 2007 15、The Culture of the Feudal Society of China
about 2007 16、All Ancient Thoughts in China Are Philosophical Culture of Yin and Yang
about 2007 17、The Book of Changes and Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor Are Books That Specify the Philosophy of Yin and Yang
about 2007 18、China’s Systematic Culture
about 2007 19、Ancient Thinkers Share the Same Theme and Philosophy
about 2007 20、The Philosophy of Yin and Yang and Social System
about 2007 21、The Essential Difference between Chinese Culture and Western Culture
about 2007 22、Chinese Culture Is a System Culture
about 2007 23、Western Culture Is the Individual Culture.
about 2007 24、Why Must Individualistic Culture Go with System Culture?
about 2007 25、Chinese Feudal System Culture and State Capitalism System Culture
about 2007 26、Chinese Like Spheres and Westerners Like Cubes
about 2007 27、On American Culture of Individualism Embodied in American Movies
about 2007 28、The Reasons Why Communism Could Be Successful in China Is Due to Chinese Traditional Culture Is Cohesive with Communism
about 2007 29、Contradictions in Human Society Are Caused by People’s Different Perspectives in Viewing Things
about 2007 30、The Essence of War Is the Cannibalism Led by Elites
about 2007 31、The Responsibility for World Peace Lies in Elites
about 2007 32、The Change of Culture Starts from Elites
about 2007 33、What Are Chinese Doing?
about 2007 34、Chinese Economic Achievement Is Attributed to the Implementation of New Ideological Culture and Political System
2004.4 35、How a Socialist Country Develops Advantages of the Socialist System
2004.4 36、Strengthen Management on Government to the Public Assets of Government.
2004.4 37、State-Owned Enterprises Can Catch Up With and Surpass the World Multinationals
2004.4 38、State-Owned Enterprises Can Solve the Problems of Employment and Development
about 2007 39、Active Labour, Passive Labour, and the State-Owned Enterprises
about 2007 40、Harmonious Society and Capital Equality
about 2007 41、The Deep Analysis of Tao Te Ching and the Diamond Sutra and Confucius-Mencius Culture
about 2007 42、Tao Te Ching
about 2007 43、Confucius-Mencius Ideology
about 2007 44、Diamond Sutra
about 2007 45、Comments on Tao Te Ching and Diamond Sutra
about 2007 46、The Essence of Tao Te Ching Lies in Its Implications for Political Authorities to Rule with the Characteristics of Water
about 2007 47、An Accurate Understanding of the Decadent Ideas in Lao-Tzu Theory and Some Suggestions for Improvement
about 2007 48、Truth That Can Be Expressed with Language Never Lasts Long
about 2007 49、If All People Know Why Beautiful Things Become Beautiful, Ugliness Will Be Stopped
about 2007 50、During National Governance, Common People Should Be Encouraged to Pursue Material Benefits Rather Than Ideology
about 2007 51、The Universe Is Merciless and Treated Every Living Creature Without Dignity
about 2007 52、More and More People Are Engaged in the Study of Knowledge, According to Tao, the Things Need To Be Done Is Less and Less
about 2007 53、Paths and Methods Are Variable
about 2007 54、Further Comment on Ensuring People to Know What Beauty Is to Stop the Hideous
about 2007 55、Lying and Subconscious
about 2007 56、All Chinese Legal Citizens Should Have the Ownership of State-Owned Assets
about 2007 57、Public Capital Constitutes the Foundation of People’s Life
about 2007 58、People's Life Is a Capital Operation
2015.4.5 59、The Biggest Problem for the Poor in the World Is That They Don’t Know What Their Most Fundamental Interests Are
about 2007 60、China’s Socialism Is the Improvement and Progress of Marxism
about 2007 61、Communism Should Be Understood as a Common Capitalism
about 2007 62、Harmony Is Big Love
about 2007 63、The World Can Be Great Unity
2013.10.9 64、I Do Not Think That I Am So Wise
2014.8.16 65、It’s None of My Business
about 2007 66、Reflection on Inequality among People Based on 80-20 Rule
about 2007 67、Scholars Should Defend Truth Rather Than Blindly Protect Certain People’s Interests
about 2007 68、Politicians Almost Tell Lies While Philosophers Must Tell the Truth
about 2007 69、Women Only Have Consciousness, No Thoughts
about 2007 70、The Otherness of People’s Understanding
2004.10 71、Let's Make Up
about 2007 72、Whether Petition Letter Should Be Abolished Depends on Its Function
about 2007 73、Ethnic Integration Policy
about 2007 74、1.3 Billion Chinese People, 1.3 Billion Minds
about 2007 75、It’s Suggested That China Announce All Corrupt Officials Fleeing to Other Countries and Post a Reward on Chasing and Killing Them
about 2007 76、The Chinese Wisdom: No Fish Can Survive If the Water Is Too Clean—One Should Not Demand Absolute Purity
about 2007 77、The Most Disgusting Words in State-Owned Enterprise
about 2007 78、Distribution According to Work Is Equalitarian and Distribution According to Price Is Reasonable
about 2007 79、Property Law Signifies That All Wealth in China Will Be Subjected to the State Council
2016.2.16 80、The Rationality of Unequal Social Status
about 2007 81、The Corruption in China Is Mainly Caused by the Left
about 2007 82、The Violence by Yang Jia Proves the Evil Nature of the Right Wing
about 2007 83、Chinese People Need Human Rights or Interests?
about 2007 84、Strongly Supporting the Imposition of High Inheritance Tax at Once
about 2007 85、Chinese Democracy Will Begin from the Imposition of Inheritance Tax
about 2007 86、Why Are There Many Difficulties and Obstacles in Taxing the Rich in China?
about 2007 87、Why Do Some People Always Object to Economists?
about 2007 88、Rule by Benevolence and Righteousness Is Nonsense but by Capital Is Valid and Proper
about 2007 89、What Is ‘Endurance’? ‘Endurance’ Is an Evil Thought
about 2007 90、Doctor-Patient Relationship, Petition of Petitioners, Public Announcement of Complaints, Taobao
about 2007 91、Reform Needs Awakening and Support of the People
2013.11.16 92、The Third Plenary Session
2013.11.25 93、State Capitalism Injects Power to People with Kindness Tendency and Justice
2014.4.27 94、Anti-corruption, Anti-porn, and Economic Development
2014.6.7 95、The Safety Island of Abandoned Children
2014.8.24 96、Hong Kong Is the Trash of Democracy
2014.8.26 97、Education through Labour System Is Applicable to Hong Kong
2014.8.26 98、Hong Kong Judicial Power Shall Belong to the Central Government
2014.8.30 99、Gangdom
2014.10.21 100、Diligence
2014.11.21 101、A Life for a Life and Debts Should be Repaid
2014.12.15 102、Confiscation of Property Shall Be Applied to Punish Occupy Central Participants in Hong Kong as Compensation for Loss
2014.12.26 103、The Loss of Faith in This Era
2015.1.3 104、Criminals Sentenced to Death Should Be Encouraged to Transplant Organs
2015.2.23 105、Some Low-Quality Chinese Shopping Spree Abroad
2015.3.15 106、Go Home, 2012, God Comes and the Destiny of Chinese Is Decreed
2015.5.5 107、Student Movements Are Absurd Activities Led by Simple-Minded Students with Well-Developed Body
2015.5.13 108、Psychoanalysis of the Making Trouble from Some People Wearing Masks in the Streets in Hong Kong
2015.8.5 109、The Kuomintang Should Promote a Referendum on Reconciliation
2015.8.6 110、The Cross-Straits Status Quo Is Maintained on the Basis of Reconciliation
2015.8.7 111、The Taiwan Issue Must Be Solved
2015.8.10 112、Taiwan's Democracy Is the World's Dirtiest Democracy
2015.9.8 113、Chinese Government Should Make Clear the Attitude to Dogs
  Part 2
  The Commentary on Islam
about 2007 114、Religion Should Follow a Principle – Religious Authority Should Never Violate Kingship
about 2007 115、Terrorism and Islam
2014.3.2 116、Terrorism Is Heretical Organisation
2014.3.3 117、Islam Is the Root of Ignorance
2014.6.3 118、Heresy Should Be Executed with Lawful Authority like Terrorism
2014.8.17 119、Religion
2014.8.20 120、IS, Organ Transplantation, Human Rights
2014.9.8 121、Troublemakers Always Come from Badlands – Somalia and Islam
2014.9.12 122、Traditional Religions Are Originated in the Slave Society
2014.9.23 123、Religion and Human Liberation
2014.9.24 124、Islamic Nations Are in Urgent Need of Ideological Renewal
2014.9.25 125、The Biggest Problem of Islamism Is the Integration of Religion and Politics
2014.9.26 126、Essence of Terrorism Is Theocracy Replacing Kingship
2014.12.1 127、No ‘Democracy’ in Islamic Areas
2014.12.7 128、The Devil Is Set Free Every 1,000 Years
2014.12.7 129、Procrustes
2014.12.14 130、It Is a Typical Cult Behaviour to Sentence Rape and Adultery Behaviours as Capital Crime
2014.12.16 131、All Leaders of Islam Are False Prophets
2014.12.27 132、Preventing Global Islamisation
2014.12.30 133、Man and Man Talk About the Interest; the Devil and Man talk About the Distortion, Abnormal Condition, Monstrousness, Evil
2015.1.2 134、Female Circumcision Means Discontent to God
2015.1.4 135、The Intensification of Contradictions Was Able to Solve Completely the Contradiction
2015.1.7 136、Western Countries Should Do Some Control and Cultivation Forward Islam and Forbid Islam
2015.1.10 137、Islamism Has Been Discarded by the Divine
2015.1.12 138、The World Should Face Up to Islam, Expose Islam, and Criticise Islam
2015.1.17 139、Germany Raised a Thought-Provoking Question
2015.1.17 140、It Is Better to Enforce the Religion Reform
2015.1.18 141、Islam Needs Mental Transformation
2015.1.19 142、As Recorded in the Bible, Islamic Extremists Refer to the Religion that Worships the Beast and Image of the Beast and Acts Monstrously
2015.1.23 143、Moderate Islam Doctrine Is Questionable from the Perspective of Iran
2015.1.31 144、Religion Should Be the Spiritual Improvement Established on the Basic Guarantee of Society
2015.2.3 145、Incorrect Ideology and Demand of Extremist Organisations
2015.2.11 146、Mohammed Sid the Fire Would Come Out of Yemen
2015.2.27 147、Do Not Stop Them to Join the IS
2015.3.29 148、‘Wearing an Over Robe, a Veil, and a Beard’ Shall Be Strictly Prohibited to Wipe Out Islam Extremist Organisations Ideologically
2015.3.31 149、Bountiful Saudi Pay Money to Hire Goons and Accomplices Globally
2015.4.3 150、Saudi Arabia’s Invasion of Yemen Is an Unjust War
2015.4.4 151、The Nuclear Negotiation
2015.4.13 152、Wahhabi Religious Sect Has Misunderstanding on the Explanation of ‘Mushrikeen’
2015.4.21 153、Baghdadi Is the Dajjal in Prophetic Hadith and He Bounds to Die in Syria
2015.4.29 154、Terrorism and Genocide
2015.4.30 155、Religion and Taboo
2015.5.11 156、It Is Repeated a Few Times in the Koran that Allah Will Destroy the Koran
2015.5.28 157、‘The Koran’ and Doing Good
2015.6.3 158、Islam Is a Kind of Culture of Order, Totally Colliding with Western Liberal Cultures
2015.6.7 159、Mohammed Said Muslims Should Attack Each Other
2015.6.13 160、Personal Practice and Religion
2015.6.15 161、Splitting Middle East Countries Is a Way to Solve Islamic Problem
2015.6.17 162、Western Countries Should Reform Muslim refugees in the Ideological Aspect
2015.6.22 163、Islamic Action and Rwandan Genocide
2015.6.24 164、IS Are Formed Due to the Incompleteness of Revolution to Cult Devil
2015.6.28 165、Iran Condemns Terrorist Attack That’s Not Meaningful
2015.7.1 166、According to Hadith, the IS Will Be Destroyed Three Months Later
2015.7.2 167、Germany Surrendered to the Islamic
2015.7.2 168、Mohammed Says That the Scientific Communism Unifies the World
2015.7.9 169、The Problem of Europe: Democracy Has Encouraged Islamic Heresy
2015.7.14 170、Iran Should Send the Ground Force to Exterminate the IS in Iraq and Syria
2015.8.3 171、Taliban’s Omar Is Also What Mohammed Calls as Dajjal
2015.8.18 172、Islam Has Now Developed into an Evil Religion and Needs To Be Banned Immediately on a Global Scale
2015.9.5 173、That Kid Who Died on the Beach Is Not Worth To Be Sympathised With, Even If He Came to Life, He Would Still Be a Suicide Bomber.
2015.9.11 174、Muslims Are Inherently Traitors
2015.9.12 175、Mecca Masjid’s Being Struck by Thunderbolt and Collapse Is Allah’s Revelation to Muslims
2015.9.17 176、US Syria Draft Failure Shows That All Muslims Are the Same and None of Them Is Good
2015.9.24 177、The Rogues Have Their Own Scampish Logic
2015.10.1 178、Shia Is Returning to Rationality, while Sunni Is Pure Neuropathy, Devil, and Heresy
2015.10.24 179、Syria Only Has the Devil with No People
2015.10.26 180、We Should Reason with the Islamic Heresy Before Cracking It Down
2015.11.7 181、Mid-air Bombing of the Russian Aircraft
2015.11.9 182、Houthis Armed Forces Should Attack Saudi Arabia and Overthrow the Saudi Wahhabi Evil Regime
2015.11.14 183、It Seems that French Can Only Quell the Anger of the Islamic Jihad If They Worship Allah Six Times a Day and Start to Eat Mutton Sausage Instead of Pork
2015.11.15 184、Islam Shall Be Defined an Illegal Cult Worldwide
2015.11.16 185、We Should Criticise and Crack Down Islam Fiercely in an Ideological Sense
2015.11.17 186、From the Views on Politics of Bombers’ Mother, Islam Are All the Bad Guys
2015.11.19 187、The IS Can Be Called a Great Hero as It Seeks a Swift Death Rather Than Cravenly Cling to Life
2015.11.25 188、They Are Just Playing Around in Middle East War
2015.11.26 189、Analysis of Russian Warplane Downed by Turkey
2015.12.1 190、EU Financed Turkey $3B for Arms to Back Terrorists
2015.12.4 191、Analysis of Muslim Fasting for Pork
2015.12.22 192、It Is Necessary to Clear Away Islam Gradually and Systematically
2016.1.4 193、Death Penalty Executed by Saudi Arabia Is Legal
2016.1.20 194、Saudi Arabia Impenitence
2016.1.27 195、It’s Ineffective to Have Peace Talks with Wahhabi Heresy
2016.2.21 196、Syrian Kurds Should Consolidate So As to End the War
2016.3.1 197、Anti-foreignism Advocated by Ku Klux Klan Is the Rejection of Civilisation to Ignorance; Terrorist Activities of Islam Is the Hostility of Ignorance to Civilisation
  Part 3
  The Commentary on Western and Other Countries
2013.10.17 198、Respect the Interests of All People in All Nations
2013.10.23 199、How Long Can Harmony Last?
2013.10.25 200、North Korea Executes Artists
2014.8.12 201、We Are Too Close to America While Too Far Away from God
2014.8.13 202、Government Officials in Mexico Cruelly Exploit the People in Collusion with Gangs
2014.8.19 203、Territory Dispute
2014.8.19 204、Japan and World War II
2014.8.21 205、Countries Suffering from Wars Should Draw Lessons from the China Model
2014.8.22 206、The Root of the Chaos in the Middle East Is the Privatisation of Public Resources
2014.8.31 207、Death Penalty
2014.9.9 208、Save Africa, Save the World
2014.9.10 209、Japan Should Immediately Destroy Yasukuni Shrine
2014.9.11 210、Japanese Culture
2014.9.13 211、National Secession and Independence
2014.9.20 212、Small Countries Have No Culture
2014.10.13 213、To Cure What’s Not Cured Rather than What’s Cured and to Solve What’s Not Solved Rather Than What’s Solved
2014.11.12 214、Extreme Countries Shall Not Keep Nuclear Weapon
2014.11.27 215、There Should Be National Compensation in Ferguson’s Case
2014.12.8 216、Allowing the Public to Have Guns Marks the Barbarousness and Ignorance
2014.12.11 217、It Is Just a Sissy and Fake Eunuch to Crack Down on Drug Dealers
2014.12.11 218、The Birth of Israel
2015.1.8 219、Ukraine Problem
2015.1.20 220、The ‘Great Vamp’ in the Revelation Just Refers to the System of Democracy, Freedom, and Human Rights
2015.1.23 221、The United States Supporting Ultra-Conservatives Islamist of Saudi Arabia Is a Behaviour That Helps Devils Fight Against God
2015.2.3 222、Socialist in Middle East
2015.2.6 223、The Entire Human Have Different Degrees of Soul Deficiency
2015.2.15 224、No Death Sentence for the Underworld Criminals to Kill People Is the Slut Behaviour of Western Society to Sign Agreement with the Devil
2015.3.12 225、Theism and Atheism, Idealism and Materialism
2015.3.15 226、Each Country Shall Take Recognition of This Book as Prerequisite of Politics
2015.3.16 227、All Mexican Drug Dealers Must Be Executed
2015.3.21 228、Wrong Appeals of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party
2015.3.22 229、It Is Good for Oil Price to Decline
2015.3.23 230、UN Should Support Houthis to Exterminate Sunnite
2015.3.24 231、Two Problems To Be Solved for Israel as a Country
2015.3.28 232、Yemen War Is Islam Internal Sectarian Struggle and Other Countries Needn’t to Intervene
2015.4.8 233、The Secular Regime Stands for Material Interests, and the Theocracy Stands for the Spirit
2015.4.10 234、Israel Needs a Cultural Revolution in Palestine
2015.4.13 235、Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar's and Unto God What Is God’s
2015.4.18 236、The Problem of Japan Is a Matter of Consciousness
2015.4.25 237、Other Than the Israelis and Arabians, No One Else Has Any Authority to Inquire into the Palestinian Issue
2015.5.8 238、Western Countries Need to Implement Family Planning Policies to Islam and Uncultivated Residents.
2015.5.16 239、The United States Launching the Middle East War Is Right
2015.5.20 240、The Left and Right of Europe on Immigration
2015.5.22 241、A Thorough Transformation Is Required to Africa
2015.6.16 242、Earthquake in Nepal and Buddhism Reform
2015.6.19 243、The One Who Went Abroad to Escape from War Is a Traitor and Shall Not Be Elected as the President
2015.6.27 244、UAV Shall Be Used to Spray Herbicide in Prohibition of Opium
2015.6.30 245、Gaza International People Claim That People on the Boat Are Devils Who Betray God
2015.7.9 246、Greek Debt Crisis Completely Suggesting the Ugliness of Human Nature under the Encouragement of Democracy
2015.7.17 247、The Escaping of Mexican Drug Dealers Indicates That Governmental Officials Collide with Bandits to Do Harm to Ordinary People under the Democratic System
2015.7.22 248、Human Productive Relation Is Changing
2015.7.27 249、God Will Punish Israel's Enemies
2015.7.29 250、Homosexuality Is the Lowest People
2015.8.4 251、People Have the Right to Commit Suicide
2015.8.10 252、Saddam Once Said: Iraq Is Nothing Without Me
2015.8.29 253、The World Should Unify Scripts
2015.8.31 254、The Illegal Immigrants Should Be Gathered to a Greek Island for the Unified Management
2015.9.7 255、Democratic Countries with Negative Growth in Population Will Inevitably Die Out
2015.9.21 256、The Politician Shall Tell Lies Sometimes, but the Philosopher Must Be Honest
2015.10.4 257、Govern Without Intervention
2015.10.4 258、Righteousness Rises Up When Great Truth Is Annulled
2015.10.9 259、EU Countries Are Not Obliged to Admit Refugees
2015.10.10 260、Promote Social Responsibilities and Social Orders, There Will Be More Happiness in This Country
2015.10.17 261、Israel Daring Not Recognise the Legitimacy of Its Occupation of Palestine
2015.10.21 262、The World Has Been Manipulated by the Devil
2015.10.25 263、Defender of Civilisation
2015.11.17 264、The Discussion about Left-leaning and Right-leaning Thoughts on Refugee Issue
2015.11.22 265、In the Book of Revelations, the Whore Refers to That America and the Western Society Colluded with the Wahhabi Cult
2015.11.24 266、Democratic Society Is a Society Led by Doggeries
2015.12.9 267、No One Could Tell Whether a Muslim Is a Radical
2015.12.27 268、Matthew Effect
2016.1.6 269、DPRK’s Nuclear Weapons Should Be Limited to Self-Defence
2016.1.8 270、The Matthew Effect and Enforcing Justice on Behalf of God
2016.1.16 271、Upholding the Honour of One’s Ancestors, Carrying on the Family Line and Man’s Superiority to Woman
2016.1.30 272、Polygyny Can Solve Depopulation in Western Countries
2016.3.5 273、The Government Should Provide a Proper Platform for Trading and Adopting Infants
  Part 4
  Public Ownership and God
2014.9.12 274、The Scientific Public Ownership System Is Mahayana Buddhism
2014.11.23 275、The Primary Objective of Communism Is to Benefit the People
2014.11.24 276、Socialism Is the Realisation of Socialised Production from the Perspective of Social Management
2014.11.27 277、Any National Land and Mineral Resources Shall Be Owned by God Instead of Individuals
2014.12.6 278、God’s Love Is the Greatest Well-being of Human Beings
2014.12.22 279、Public Ownership of Land
2015.1.28 280、Mao Zedong Solved the Problem of Land Ownership in China
2015.2.1 281、Human’s Physiological and Safety Needs and God’s Love
 ↓The following has not been published↓
  Part 5
  International political review 2016.2-2017.6
2016.2.4 282. The government shall audit the authenticity of P2P project
2016.2.25 283. death penalty should be executed in a civilized way
2016.4.1 284. God reveals different sections of the truth to different nations
2016.4.3 285. In economic crimes, if the victim commit suicide, the main mastermind should be executed
2016.4.7 286. There should be a legislation on compensation of dog hurting people
2016.4.14 287. Taiwan has sent one hundred thousand spies to destroy the economy of Chinese mainland. This is a war
2016.4.19 288. Taiwan Issue and South China Sea Dispute
2016.5.13 289. Arresting prostitutes indicates that the social system is in favor of the rich, and against the poor
2016.6.6 290. Fighting-to-death lawyers are cults
2016.6.13 291. Raising dogs without eating their meat belongs to the mushrikeen
2016.7.18 292.  A French leader says that the west need terrorist attacks more
2016.7.26 293.Help to Muslim is Satan’s Temptation to Believers
2016.8.18 294. Marriage for the purpose of beauty is a kind of whoring, while marriage that aimed at benefit is like prostitution and financial fraud
2016.8.21 295. View the Effect of Philippine Drug Control from a Macroscopic Perspective
2016.8.29 296. To establish a new international organization with executive capacity and appropriate profitability
2016.9.3 297. For drug dealers who surrender, they should be allowed to sell organs to others, and then they can be absolved
2016.9.7 298. If telecommunication frauds make victims commit suicide, swindlers should be executed
2016.9.7 299.Nail households should be settled by demolition
2016.9.10 300.With regard to North Korea, we should solve problems, not make problems
2016.9.21 301. Failure of the German refugee policy proves Westerners’ “hypocrisy”
2016.10.10 302. It's demon to prevent the civilians fleeing the battlefield. They account for the civilian bombing. The bombers are innocent
2016.11.10 303. Trump is elected as the president, which means that God is on the side of people, and hates human hypocrisy
2016.11.12 304. The decline of the population and the leftover women are caused by monogyny and feminism, which are the behaviors against the God
2016.11.16 305. Intelligent Robotization and Social Wealth Distribution
2016.12.2 306. The appropriate establishment of the EU shall give priority to the interests of white people
2016.12.29 307. It is mandatory for pet keepers to pay to charitable foundations
2017.1.1 308. Citizen information should be publicized in default, and the fraud should be heavily convict
2017.1.8 309. Housing price in China is higher than that in America is determined by Chinese culture
2017.1.10 310. The founding of Israel is contradictory with the homosexuality
2017.1.16 311.The antagonism of the western countries is due to the collapse of the free market economy
2017.1.23 312.Essential difference between Populism and Nazismus
2017.1.26 313.Criminals disfiguring a women tourist in Lijiang need to be beheaded
2017.1.27 314. The have-nots are not afraid of the haves
2017.2.1 315. Westerners who oppose Trump resemble the "The Great Whore riding a beast” in Revelation
2017.2.11 316. The President of Syria favors the “Muslim ban”, because their country has been deeply afflicted
2017.2.18 317. Being against Islam and Mexican drug dealers is not racism
2017.2.25 318. The criticism that China destroys American employment is unjustifiable
2017.3.9 319.About Korea, China shall maintain justice instead of being an ally
2017.3.20 320. North Korea is an unscrupulous country
2017.3.22 321. The United Nation insists that to control the expansion of animosity, it is imperative in revise the Koran
2017.3.30 322. Game Regulation Shall be Required in the Usury, Behavior Going beyond the Limit Shall be Executed
2017.3.31 323. “No trading, no killing” is poppycock
2017.4.8 324. The White Helmets is an Islamic fraud organization spreading around the world. It specializes in cheating the stupid westerners
2017.4.19 325. Free Syrian Army Supported By the West Trapped And Killed 68 Children with Chips
2017.4.22 326. If financial fraud involves a whole family, all members should all be executed
2017.4.30 327. The solution to the North Korean issue and other issues is to support one party and defeat the other
2017.5.12 328. The reason why western nationalism becomes popular is that Internet and robots have changed the distribution and flow direction of social wealth
2017.5.27 329.England and Egypt had been attacked by terrorism recently, which indicating Muslims are all terrorists
2017.5.30 330 We need to provide the terrorists with weapons so that they can be killed on the battlefields
2017.6.1 331. The Paris Climate Agreement is an oppression of vested interests against the poor
2017.6.6 332. Britain proposed that Internet regulation was used to fight the devil. It was only to capture the shadow of the devil, not the devil itself.
2017.6.7 333. Terrorism springs up, because of overnutrition and over enrichment in the Middle East.
2017.6.25 334.God created human not intended to be a shepherd
2017.6.29 335. Biological evolutionism does not conflict with creationism
2017.7.3 336. Why do I criticize Christian fundamentalists who follow the teachings of God?
2017.7.9 337. Westerners ought to help persecuted old people in China to safeguard rights and interests
2017.7.20 338. Reproductive rights should be transferred in market to solve aging population problem.
2017.7.23 339. The phenomenon that mainland tourists are seized for extortion often happens in Hong Kong. The Chinese government should protect people’s interests.
2017.8.5 340、Some of China’s pyramid selling organizations are evil organizations, and the chief criminal should be beheaded
2017.8.17 342、The news that an American car rushed into crowds is fake news